Task-based Learning in combination with Overleaf

Task-based Learning

Task-based language learning is an approach where the planning of learning materials and teaching sessions are based around doing a task. In education, a task refers to an activity where communication is necessary: for example; deciding something, solving a problem, designing or organising something, or telling someone to do something.

It is student-centred; Assign tasks in context (task-based approach), e.g. designing online/face to face tasks (written/oral tasks); simulation and development of real life tasks; completion of tasks and the language study is determined by what happens as the students complete them; it aims at the description, reflection and discussion of meaningful tasks; practice of areas which need more work.


A collaborative tool for the writing of texts based on mathematics using latex. Registration is free. After registration, the user will have built-in dictionaries and compile the latex file online.

Ideal for students who are writing a master's thesis or end-of-course project.

Ideal for writing articles with different collaborators.