Task-based Learning in combination with Mind42 online

Task-based Learning

Task-based language learning is an approach where the planning of learning materials and teaching sessions are based around doing a task. In education, a task refers to an activity where communication is necessary: for example; deciding something, solving a problem, designing or organising something, or telling someone to do something.

It is student-centred; Assign tasks in context (task-based approach), e.g. designing online/face to face tasks (written/oral tasks); simulation and development of real life tasks; completion of tasks and the language study is determined by what happens as the students complete them; it aims at the description, reflection and discussion of meaningful tasks; practice of areas which need more work.

Mind42 online

Mind42 is a free online mind mapping software. It offers a software that runs on a browser to create mind maps - a special form of a structured diagram to visually organize information.

  • Use it to create todo lists, brainstorm ideas, organize events, among others
  • Mind42 is completely free (ad supported)
  • Created mind maps are private by default
  • Optionally share your mind maps with others