Online discussion in combination with Colibri Zoom

Online discussion

An online discussion forum is a web-based communication tool (or activity) that enables participants to post messages and to reply to others' messages asynchronously. Unlike the real-time (synchronous) discussions of chat rooms and instant messaging the online discussion typically lasts longer and gives students time to think about what they are going to contribute. This activity is available in iLearn.

Online discussion forums provide an ideal activity for the facilitation of three types of interactions: learner-learner, learner-teacher, learner-content

You can use the online discussion forum to post important messages to the entire class, generate class discussions, facilitate peer review and evaluate students based on their responses to open-ended questions. You can conduct online discussions with your students in iLearn.

In an online discussion, the participants discuss about a specific problem or situation. Learners discuss a predefined topic and practice arguing in explaining their position.

Colibri Zoom

Distance collaboration platform. Service for the academic and scientific community of Portugal, for meetings, group work, classes and tutorials.

Colibri Zool functionalities:

  • Videoconferencing with audio, video and chat.
  • Screen sharing, documents and multimedia applications.
  • Recording of local or cloud sessions, with possibility of downloading.
  • Multi-device (computers, tablets, smartphones, H.323 terminals).
  • Multi-language (Portuguese and English).
  • Exchange of messages between participants by instant messaging.