Project portfolio in combination with Overleaf

Project portfolio

A portfolio is a collection of documents that show different realizations of a person (personal, academic, professional) or of an organization, selected and organized in a reflexive way and presented in digital format: text, images, animations, simulations, audio and video. It allows the teacher to objectively document the student's work and facilitate its objective evaluation. The basic components are: specific objectives, are developed for a specific task, contains evidence of the work done and includes personal reflections about the evidence incorporated. Portfolios are a popular and effective way of motivating young learners, providing a fun way to review language and helping them to reflect on their own objectives, ways of learning and success. There are many advantages for teachers and learners.


A collaborative tool for the writing of texts based on mathematics using latex. Registration is free. After registration, the user will have built-in dictionaries and compile the latex file online.

Ideal for students who are writing a master's thesis or end-of-course project.

Ideal for writing articles with different collaborators.