Project portfolio in combination with Google site

Project portfolio

A portfolio is a collection of documents that show different realizations of a person (personal, academic, professional) or of an organization, selected and organized in a reflexive way and presented in digital format: text, images, animations, simulations, audio and video. It allows the teacher to objectively document the student's work and facilitate its objective evaluation. The basic components are: specific objectives, are developed for a specific task, contains evidence of the work done and includes personal reflections about the evidence incorporated. Portfolios are a popular and effective way of motivating young learners, providing a fun way to review language and helping them to reflect on their own objectives, ways of learning and success. There are many advantages for teachers and learners.

Google site

It allows the creation of educational websites.

Google sites organizes the contents of our GoogleDrive in themes.
It offers various possibilities:

  • Fixed sections, where information is published as on any web page.
  • Collaborative sections, which adopt the character of "wiki"depending on the granted permissions.
  • Enable comments in a blog.
  • Embed any other resource of the cloud on its platform.