Simulation-Based Learning

Simulation-based learning is a constructivist learning model that provides learners with an experience of working on an usually simplified simulated world or system. This approach, widely adopted in military and aviation to maximize training safety and minimize risk, is today used extensively, especially in the medical education.

Simulation-based learning involves learning performed in a computer environment, in which the learner gradually infers the features of the concept model whilst he/she proceeds through the simulation, which may lead to changes in his/her original concept.

Bending Light

This tool allows exploring the curvature of light between two media with the different refractive index. Analyze how light when passing from air to water through a crystal changes its angle of reflection.

It is a Web application that allows you to vary the parameters and observe, in real time, how the graph that represents the evolution of the state of light as it passes through different bodies evolves. We will see on the screen the real values that light adopts depending on different types of materials that we can select, observing how the angle of reflection or refraction of light varies.