Collection of student’s expectations

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At the beginning of a course it’s helpful to know what specific expectations the participants have on the course. Therefore, this teaching method collects and visualizes expectations on the course from all participants. Each student writes his/her expectations on a note card.The whole group discuss about the results by trying to cluster similar topics and find suitable headings. The collected expectations can be used as a basis for identifying the main topics for the students.

Computer Sciences
Sequence of activities
  • Students write their expectations on the course on note cards. Each student works by themselves and writes one expectation per note card.
  • Lecturer asks the students to pin their expectations on the chalkboard.
  • Lecturer presents the expectations and asks questions in case something is not clear.
  • Students try to suggest suitable clusters for similar topics and find headings for each cluster.
  • Lecturer compares the collected expectation with the topics of the course and tells the students which expectation can be taken into account and which not.
Assessment method
not applicable
Facilitator’s toolkit
Room equipment (e.g. Flip chart, projector or other hardware)

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