Submitted by Leticia Barbos… on Fri, 05/01/2020 - 12:51

Nearpod is multiplatform and easy to use to engage students with interactive activities, connecting them through collaborative discussions. It allows to obtain an instant view of the students' learning through evaluations. In evaluations, the platform uses gamification resources in order to promote learning and students' commitment or engagement.

Tool Category
Required technical skill level
Low (beginner)
Tool is best suitable for the following environment
Digital learning sessions
Real time online webinars or video conferencing
Mode of teaching application
Appointment required (synchronous)
No appointment required (asynchronous)
Task Mode
All students task
Individual task
Required equipment/devices/platform
Smart phone app (iOS, Android, Windows)
Tablet app (iOS, Android, Windows)
Additional Information and useful links e.g. tutorials

The tool offers several features to display the content, namely: slides, 3D images, simulations in animation mode, field trip (viewing a city in dynamic mode), BBC video, news, use of Office 365 for display of images, slide, video, audio, pdf, link directing to twitter and sharing some url link.
With regard to game-based learning, it is possible to include the link to the Flipgrid platform game, open-ended question, find pairs, quiz, game in phase format, draw this, collaborate, vote, fill in the blanks and memory game.
In the free version, originally only the synchronous version was allowed, but during the pandemic generated by COVID-2019, the asynchronous version is available.


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