Submitted by Leticia Barbos… on Sun, 04/05/2020 - 18:36

Socrative is a game-based learning platform. It corresponds to a fun and efficient way to involve students and follow the learning process in the classroom. The platform allows synchronized student interaction or free time stipulated by the teacher.
The platform itself makes a correction and it is up to the teacher to display the results to the students.

Tool Category
Required technical skill level
Low (beginner)
Tool is best suitable for the following environment
Digital learning sessions
Real time online webinars or video conferencing
Mode of teaching application
Appointment required (synchronous)
No appointment required (asynchronous)
Task Mode
All students task
Individual task
Required equipment/devices/platform
Smart phone app (iOS, Android, Windows)
Tablet app (iOS, Android, Windows)
Additional Information and useful links e.g. tutorials

Before starting an activity or game, the teacher selects which method will use: the teacher going through questions, open navigation or instant feedback.
If the navigation is open or instant feedback, the tool is asynchronous, because one student can answer independently of the others, which isn't the case with the teacher passing the questions. To advance to the next one, the teacher decides when to proceed and he can see how many students have already answered and how many are missing. 


Grade your contribution (I consider this TEL tool fits with the TEL method)