Treasure Chest assessment

Submitted by Niila Tamminen… on Mon, 03/04/2019 - 14:40

This is a method for assessing group work of student cases. Students share coins as they see themselves and others in the group have performed. In the method each student is allocated certain amount of "coins". The coins are better to be in virtual form, or if there's only say 5 per student, they can be physical: paper coins for example.Normally use 1000 coins per student. Each student is instructed to share the coins with others within the same group based on the contribution that the person has brought to the whole.

All subjects
Blended learning
Online learning
Sequence of activities
  • Create approprieate tool (using an online form) with right parameters
  • Assign all students set amount (say, 1000) virtual coins to divide with all the team members
  • Tell the students the rules for dividing the money and how it will affect final assessment
  • Collect the results and make adjustment to the final grading
form, Excel or alike, physical play coins
< 30 minutes
Grade your contribution (I consider this TEL method can be used with TEL tools)