Technology-enhanced CBL (Content-based Learning)

Submitted by Szilvia Varga … on Fri, 07/20/2018 - 13:36

Technology-enhanced content-based learning (CBL) is a methodology that aims to integrate the teaching of content with language teaching goals, i.e. to ’concurrently teach academic subject matter and second language skills. The focus of a CBL lesson is on the topic or the subject matter. It allows interaction with contents or learning resources and  social interaction with teachers and students or other students.  This is thought to be a more natural way of developing skills, for example, language ability and one that corresponds more to the way we originally learn any skills.

All subjects
Blended learning
Sequence of activities
  • In the first section, students are presented with the basic vocabulary as well as the pronunciation of the words.
  • The pages thereafter continue to incorporate the vocabulary and augment this vocabulary in context therefore delivering content more in depth than the textbook.
  • At the end of each section, there is a self-correcting quiz in addition to other forms of feedback throughout the module. The quizzes were created in WebCT. Approximately 20 questions were created per section and are stored in the question database.
  • The quiz settings may be set in such a way that rotates the questions displayed each time the student takes the quiz. The WebCT quiz function also allows for the insertion of pictures, audio and video. All three options were incorporated into the quizzes. Time needed for each page and section is dependent upon the individual learner, but the module was designed to be completed in a relatively short period of time.
  • The whole module will ideally be completed within an hour. After establishing the need for this project and its importance, a pilot content module was created.
Assessment method
Multiple-choice test
Written work or similar
Communication tools (Videoconference, Forum and Chat)
IT infrastructure ( or other specific hardware)
Personal resources (power point, prezi, videos, interactive tutorials)

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1 hour - 2 hours
Grade your contribution (I consider this TEL method can be used with TEL tools)