Colibri Zoom

Submitted by Maria Augusta … on Fri, 06/22/2018 - 15:20

Distance collaboration platform. Service for the academic and scientific community of Portugal, for meetings, group work, classes and tutorials.

Colibri Zool functionalities:

  • Videoconferencing with audio, video and chat.
  • Screen sharing, documents and multimedia applications.
  • Recording of local or cloud sessions, with possibility of downloading.
  • Multi-device (computers, tablets, smartphones, H.323 terminals).
  • Multi-language (Portuguese and English).
  • Exchange of messages between participants by instant messaging.
Tool Category
Required technical skill level
Middle (intermediate)
Tool is best suitable for the following environment
Real time online webinars or video conferencing
Mode of teaching application
Appointment required (synchronous)
Task Mode
All students task
Required equipment/devices/platform
Smart phone app (iOS, Android, Windows)
Tablet app (iOS, Android, Windows)
Additional Information and useful links e.g. tutorials
Grade your contribution (I consider this TEL tool fits with the TEL method)