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Problem Operations/Actions
Continuous evaluation view details 
Difficulty in express a point of view presenting good arguments and examples view details 
Difficulty in reading and interpreting ritten questions and work proposals view details 
Difficulty in teaching face to face to all students simultaneously view details 
Don't get deep enough in the learning topics view details 
How to achieve solution of real practical cases? view details 
How to allow students access to the explanation of contents without leaving the house (outside school)? view details 
How to engage students in the learning process? view details 
How to evaluate digital competences in a qualitative way? view details 
How to get students to collaborate effectively and how to facilitate student-driven activities view details 
How to organize ideas of a project or a text? view details 
How to teach pitching online? view details 
How to understand the reflection and refraction of light? view details 
Improve students classifications based on digital goals view details 
lack of motivation of the students view details 
Lack of online lessons, learning objects or other resources to study outside the school view details 
Not knowing student’s expectations on the course view details 
Not knowing which knowledge students already have concerning a specific topic view details 
Overcoming financial and technical difficulties in the field of animal physiology view details 
Perform few educational practice view details